How To Manage The Estate Ecosystem.

Each estate is an ecosystem unto itself – with its own unique processes, rhythms, and culture. And, like any estate ecosystem, each has a cast of characters with particular skill sets who must learn to work together. This is rarely an easy endeavor; however, it becomes much more so when everyone understands their roles and has the data to fulfill them.

Estate managers and staff will see the greatest results on a daily basis, for EstateSpace revolutionizes every aspect of their work.  The sheer number of tasks an estate manager must oversee is mind-boggling – from staff schedules and the budget to the maintenance of the home and other assets on the property. And that’s not even counting additional duties such as arranging travel, organizing special events, renovations, and accommodating visiting family and friends. With EstateSpace, they can create a digital manuscript that covers every area of the estate. Managing workflows is simplified with spreadsheets that include each task, the staff members it’s assigned to, and the timeframe to complete it.

The manual also includes inventory, when they are running low, the amount spent on them to date, and even a link to reorder. Staff members with access to the manual are more empowered in their work because they know exactly what is expected of them and when, without being micromanaged.   

estate ecosystem

Family offices will have a better understanding of the complete portfolio, rather than just the financial instruments. All too often, principals and the professionals who manage their wealth forget about physical assets such as vehicles, artwork, and wardrobes. With EstateSpace, you can build a catalog of these assets, complete with provenance and current value, so the family office and other advisors have real-time data with which to make informed decisions, both in the short and long terms, for the health of the estate.

estate ecosystem

Supporting businesses such as vendors and service providers can work with far greater efficiency when they have access to EstateSpace. An understanding of the client’s needs and expectations is key to any successful business relationship. With EstateSpace, there is no miscommunication or lost messages – service providers can simply access the data they need and act accordingly, whether it’s to determine when and what to deliver; when an item needs repair, or when it’s time to winterize the property. 

estate ecosystem  

Finally, owners’ lives are made exponentially easier by EstateSpace, regardless of their level of involvement in the day-to-day management of the estate. The access data puts them back in the driver’s seat, whether that means selling a painting at the right time or locating the gown they want to wear to a gala. Indirectly, it facilitates the work of those around the principal so the home runs like clockwork and they can focus on other things. 

What works for one estate may not work for another, however, nothing will work without a strong structure and accountability for everyone on the team. EstateSpace allows you to build that structure with the estate ecosystem so that everyone involved can bring their best self and seamlessly collaborate with others.