EstateSpace simplifies high-value asset management and empowers individuals to leave a legacy, inspiring a new era of asset management.

Our team consists of serial entrepreneurs who possess a profound passion for their work.

We also love to build businesses up, spend time with our families, take on new challenges, and try hard to enjoy the journey.

about EstateSpace

Jonathan B Fishbeck

Founder & CEO

Prior to EstateSpace, Jonathan founded 2 construction management firms. Between his exist in construction and starting EstateSpace, Jonathan became a serial entrepreneur, speaker, and investor. He’s focused on a philanthropic portfolio that includes chair of Fisher House Foundation, loves his family, and occasionally finds time to get outdoors, play golf and practice yoga.

Jason is the former VP of Customer Success at a construction firm focused on high-net-worth and has an eclectic background ranging in startups, luxury hospitality, and business development. He is truly able to do it all and lives in Northern Virginia, where he spends his time practicing hot yoga and being with his family.

Jason Shelby

VP of Sales

Chris Weicht


Chris has held many roles working with IT systems involving complex global data sets and integrations for the government. He has also worked with numerous startups and architected systems from the ground up. In his free time, Chris can be found golfing, hanging out with friends, and relaxing with his family and dogs in Charlottesville, VA.