Asset management made simple.

EstateSpace is an asset management solution that provides a single point of record for your family’s physical assets.

asset management solutions
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% of wealth as Physical Assets wordwide
% of wealth as Financial Assets Worldwide
trillion dollars of physical assets at risk
trillion dollar of total Assets Worldwide

automate physical asset management


Deliver Maximum Performance

asset management solutions

See what your physical assets are worth.

Do you know the value of your physical assets?

asset management solutions

Bolster generational wealth.

Would you like your legacy to benefit your family?

asset management solutions

Organize and maintain the financial value of assets

Can you catagorize and track physical assets today?

maximize your wealth.

All families share in these challenges…

  1. Managing your valuable physical assets.
  2. Increasing and protecting the value of your assets.
  3. Transitioning your family’s generational wealth.

…with EstateSpace, challenges solved.

Your Resource for Physical Asset Management Insights.

Continuous education and perspective for you, your family, your staff, your financial advisors and legacy planning team.

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