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With individuals, family offices, and a network of service providers on one platform – EstateSpace is breaking the mold of how estates operate.

Full EstateSpace Mobile Suite
Available for both web & mobile.

EstateSpace is a SaaS platform tailored to...

Estate Managers

Implement best practice workflows and execute day-to-day operations of estates.

estate management

Project Managers

Plan, execute, & track projects of any size. Manage your team’s entire workload.

estate management

Family Offices

Assist clients in their non-financial assets – things like real estate, art, land vehicles.

estate management

We simplify estate management by providing all the tools necessary to improve how our clients manage operations, people, & technology.

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One platform, everything you need to manage estates


Communication and operational controls

Business Intelligence

Advanced analytics to drive efficiency


Supporting services to enhance workflows

Property Management

Location based maintenance


Homes, household items, cars & collections


Create project budgets & track tasks


Create, manage & archive documents


Create & manage business budgets


Roles & permissions control data access

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