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Enable your team to enhance your operation. ​


Streamline Operations: Expert Solutions for Luxury Property and Construction


Engineered with precision and 15 years of front-line operational experience baked in


Industry-leading encryption and access controls


Built specifically for Family Offices, Luxury Construction, and Luxury Property Management

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The Best in Class in Asset Management Choose to Grow with Us

EstateSpace’s innovative and efficient solution for managing complex holdings is making a significant impact on the transformation of the wealth management industry regarding non-financial AUM.

Dan, Director of Residence, Private Single-Family-Office. $6Bn in AUM

Here's how we can assist you in achieving success in three simple steps

Bring every party together in a secure workspace

Unite all of your stakeholders in a single, secure environment. Ensure that every party, from internal teams to external partners, operates with maximum collaboration and security. This not only enhances efficiency but also safeguards sensitive information, ensuring that every interaction and transaction is conducted within a protected ecosystem.

asset management
asset management

Make work easier with task management & automated workflows

EstateSpace organizes tasks and automates routine processes, freeing up your team to focus on strategic priorities. With EstateSpace, you’re not just managing tasks; you’re optimizing your entire workflow. Spend less time spent on administrative tasks and more time for making strategic decisions that drive growth.

Capitalize on opportunities and tackle challenges as they occur

EstateSpace is born from real challenges. Jonathan, our founder, blends his computer science acumen with firsthand construction experience. Focused on Single Family Offices and construction management, we provide instant insights, not delayed reports. Understand and adjust to real-time data effortlessly, keeping you consistently ahead.

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How It Works

asset management

Step One


Onboard Every Team, Asset and Activity. Create a hub of collaboration where everyone can access all of the information they need to operate at a high-level.

Step Two


Have us build a roadmap for you. We help you develop procedures and systematic sequences of tasks – establishing protocol for managing vendors.

Step Three


Execute at scale. Grow your portfolio. Automate with ease. Because EstateSpace digitizes your entire process, insights are created in real-time.

asset management


EstateSpace streamlines organization for any household size, providing everything in one accessible place. Early stage experience offers promising support, motivating continual improvement and partnership.

Iga Pawlowska, Operations Executive at  Private Family

EstateSpace excels in estate management, offering unmatched support, streamlined features, and dedication to improvement. Highly recommended for professionals seeking efficient solutions. A perfect 5/5 rating!

Lauren Kerlin, Personal Assistant at HRS Estates

With EstateSpace, I enhance efficiency by saving 20% of time on asset management and streamlining property maintenance tasks, leading to increased productivity and smoother operations.

Nicole Bianco, Estate Manager at Private Family

I strongly suggest utilizing EstateSpace for project financial management and end-to-end operations, as it has greatly simplified our procedures and substantially improved our effectiveness and profitability.

Edward Reis CEO, Principal

Estatespace fills a critical void. It bridges gaps between estate management and admin services.

Versaxis Research Group

EstateSpace’s innovative and efficient solution for managing complex holdings is making a significant impact on the transformation of the wealth management industry regarding non-financial AUM.

Dan Director of Residence, Private Single-Family-Office $6Bn in AUM

Businesses, high net worth families and individuals will improve their asset position and risk management with Jonathan’s leadership, his team and EstateSpace

Ray Nugent, President

EstateSpace empowers Family Offices and gives them the ability to complete their financial portfolio, and aggregate the management of assets and properties with their secure platform.

Bill Sullivan, President at Family Office Exchange

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Let’s spend 30-minutes and build a roadmap to success, personalised for your unique situation. 

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Selecting the ideal asset management solution can seem daunting. That’s why EstateSpace openly shares our strategies and successes, offering a clear view of how we elevate asset management for luxury estates, construction, and family offices. Explore our insights to discover the EstateSpace difference in driving operational excellence.

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