Revolutionizing Estate Management with Technology

It’s safe to say that if you’re managing a large estate, your client and their family are extremely busy people who do not have the time or energy to devote to running their home. In addition to juggling work and school schedules, they may also entertain regularly – holding large dinner parties, business events and fundraisers – and travel quite a bit, often on short notice. They need assistance with all of it, and even if they have other people working for them much of the responsibility falls on your shoulders; this, in addition to managing the rest of the household staff. Upgrading your technology, for example, with an all-in-one solution, can revolutionize the way you do your job along with improving estate management and make your life, as well as those of your clients, much smoother.

If you’ve been in the field for a long time, you know firsthand how estate management has evolved with the use of digital tools such as Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and online calendars. What a godsend they were when they replaced handwritten budget ledgers and grocery lists. But as the world has continued to spin at a faster pace, those tools have become less and less efficient; in fact, jumping from one to another wastes valuable time, decrease productivity, and can even cause mental fatigue, especially when you factor in the need to share documents and schedules with your clients and the rest of the staff.   

EstateSpace is improving estate management and dramatically reducing that strain and set you and the rest of the staff up for success. Within the tool, you can map out timelines for everything that needs to be done for the estate – whether it’s day-to-day stuff like paying expenses and ensuring favorite foods are in the house or additional things like events or renovations – then assign and share them with staff.  They In turn can update these files when each task has been completed, or notify you of delays. The client, should they choose, can also be looped in, in real-time, either by checking the file themselves or via the tool’s secure messaging feature.

You can also use this feature to communicate with trusted third parties; for example, a contractor doing work on the property can keep you abreast of the latest developments on the project, and share with you documentation for insurance certificates, NDAs and license expiration dates.  All of this information is on your devices and at your fingertips 24/7 so you can put out small fires before they become a roaring blaze – even when your job or personal life takes you away from the property.   

By its nature, estate management will always entail a certain amount of stress. You have to maintain a consistent, even tempo for your clients while being able to pivot whenever they do – usually without them even knowing what you go through as you provide a comfortable home for them. Using EstateSpace can help you stay at the top of your game and make your job a whole lot more enjoyable.