Estate Management Software For Hands-Off Principals.

In past posts we’ve discussed how a growing number of principals are taking the reins of their estates, and the many ways in which technology facilitates the collaboration between them, their estate managers, and the rest of the staff without the need for micromanagement. Yet there are plenty of principals who still prefer to take a back seat and let others run their day-to-day. This is when estate management software for hands-off principals can help. Maybe they don’t have time for anything else on their plate; maybe “home” – whether that is one residence or three – is the only place they don’t have to manage anything but Netflix and a midnight snack. Or, maybe they just are on technology overload and are happy with the occasional update over the phone or in person when they’re in town. If this describes your clients, they only notice the details when something is amiss, and your chief responsibility is to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Ultimately, the level of a principal’s involvement is just one aspect of estate management, and a lack thereof has no bearing on your need to employ technology. This is apparent from the shift in recent years, when the traditionally tech-averse industry started to embrace digital tools and wondered why they took so long to come out of the Stone Age. Now many estate managers are upping their game even further by choosing estate management software for hands-off principals that simplify workflows and streamline communication with the staff and vendors servicing the properties. Such platforms create a hub with you at the center, affording you both a bird’s eye view of the estate and all its moving parts so you get things done in a timely fashion – and spot problems before they occur. Staff schedules, menus, the maintenance of vehicles, and other tasks are no longer spread out across clouds or computer files; they are simply uploaded to the tool where they can be easily shared with everyone who has access. Those people can then add their input and updates, which gives them greater accountability and ownership of their roles while keeping you in the loop in real-time. When greater team collaboration is needed, as in the case of organizing an event on the property, they can use the messaging feature, which cuts down on miscommunication and lost information. 

As with any boss, there are pros and cons to working with a principal who does not get involved with the details, including those that involve the budget, renovations, or the purchase of large-scale assets. The boundaries are in some ways clearer; you know the buck stops with you and you have the autonomy to get things done per your expertise and experience. All-in-one solutions make this exponentially easier, and if one day your clients do decide to take a more active role, you will be able, with just a few clicks, to bring them on board.