Document management for estate operations.

Remember when the details (financial and otherwise) of our lives were summarized on stacks of paper? For most, those times are long gone, yet that valuable information is still likely scattered across several digital spaces like Google Drive, various other apps, and Word folders – all of which can be just as frustrating and time-consuming to sift through when you need to find something.  Document management for estate operations with EstateSpace allows you to store and organize everything in one safe, secure space so you have it at your fingertips 24/7.  

Share Information with Loved Ones: One of the biggest causes of conflict within families is a lack of communication, with regard to all manner of topics but especially when it comes to finances. For example, one child may take a larger role in the family business and therefore has more input and access to information, leaving the others feeling undervalued or disregarded. Things only get worse when a parent passes away and their estate is getting sorted. Old sibling rivalries resurface, and/or the children are shocked by how much they are (or are not) inheriting; everyone may be left wondering about the rationale behind the deceased person’s choices.  EstateSpace improves document management for estate operations – be they quarterly reports; information on a charity you are supporting; the provenance of a prized collection; or even your will  –  and have transparent conversations about them using the messaging feature. This way, everyone who will be affected by your decisions will have the facts needed to ask pertinent questions and form an educated opinion.  They will also feel like they have a voice in the process and be better prepared to manage their inheritance. It is, for families who have been reluctant to discuss money, an excellent way to break the ice before the next get-together or change in circumstances.  

Share Information with Trusted Partners: If you’ve collaborated with others on any type of project, you’re familiar with the headaches involved in dealing with various personalities and communication styles – a problem that’s exacerbated when those conversations take place across different platforms such as email and texts. All-in-one solutions are essential to making the process smoother.  Whether you are planning an event, selling a piece of artwork, or putting together funding for a startup, you can upload and share relevant documents, including checklists, regulatory information, property deeds, et cetera, and discuss them in real time. There will be no more lost messages, and any ambiguities can be clarified immediately so they don’t interrupt the flow.     

At first, uploading your documents to an all-in-one solution may seem like a daunting task, especially if organization is not your strong suit.  Once you do it, however, you will find that it is a game changer, not only in terms of clearing clutter from your daily life, but for improving your relationships with others as well. Most importantly, it will facilitate financial and estate planning, making it easier for your loved ones to take an active role in building and preserving the family legacy. 

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