Skills you need to employ in your role as estate manager.

“If you don’t adopt disruptive technology, you will be disrupted.”

                                                                              ~Brad Inman

If you’re an estate manager, your work is literally never done. There is always more paperwork to complete, another detail to take care of, another industry trend that you have to keep up with in order to stay competitive. That’s always been the nature of the beast, but as the world has become more complex and fast-paced over the years, digital tools – be it a calculator, a computer, cell phone, cloud storage, and so on – have been essential to staying on top of things in your role as estate manager. That said, they can also create their own form of clutter, as well as the very real mental fatigue that results from having to jump from one platform, device, or communication app to another. The cure for this includes all-in-one solutions – cutting edge, super-secure tools that make it easier for you to deliver stellar service to your clients while maintaining a healthy balance for yourself.  

If someone asked you about the skills you need to employ in your role as estate manager, being organized would undoubtedly top the list. Each day is a juggling act in which you must manage numerous and sometimes competing priorities, from schedules for regular staff and service providers (i.e. seasonal weather proofers) to budgets and maintenance of physical assets inside the home. EstateSpace allows you to keep all documents in one place where they can be regularly reviewed and updated without having to go searching through computer or online storage files.

While organization is key, your real superpower in your role as estate manager is your ability to interact with various personalities, from landscape designers and contractors to your employer’s high-maintenance houseguests. You know when to be deferential and when you need to be more assertive in order to get your client’s needs met. But just because you’re great at something doesn’t mean it’s not exhausting.  The messaging feature in EstateSpace streamlines communications because it enables all trusted parties to chat about, share and update documents, from photos and intricate design plans to grocery lists. There are no more side conversations or separate text threads, just one transparent exchange that makes it easier to solve problems, whether they’re run-of-the-mill scheduling conflicts to major hiccups with an upcoming social event.

At the end of the day, your role, while multifaceted, can be boiled down to this: you are the hub and the guiding force behind a smoothly-run estate, not just now but in the future. EstateSpace is an elegant, simple, and highly effective way to leverage your skills by allowing you to focus on the daily tasks while remaining in alignment with the overall vision.