Property event planning advantages with technology.

The holiday season is fast approaching, and if you are an estate manager there is a good chance your to-do list includes the planning of dinner parties or fundraising galas on the property. Like any complex project, these involve several moving parts that need to be juggled, not only in the days leading up to the event but during the occasion itself; this means you will have to maintain a bird’s eye view while also making sure none of the details slip through the cracks. Here is how technology, particularly all-in-one solutions, can help ensure that your property event planning comes off without a hitch.

Preparing for the event. If you are planning any kind of large-scale event you will have to keep track of several documents – from the evolving menu to lists of invitees and service contracts with vendors handling seating and food deliveries. As part of your property event planning, you may also have to create a schedule of ceremonies and speakers that are integrated with the meal and entertainment. Perhaps the most important document, however, is the seating chart. One of your main goals is to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience for your guests, and that includes knowing whom to sit at the same table, or across the room from each other. In the past you would have had to sift through a stack of paperwork or spreadsheets on your computer; now, you can upload everything to the platform where you will be able to edit and share it with your client, 24/7, from anywhere in the world. Having this kind of access in one space will also help you ensure that the details (i.e. food, entertainment, swag bag and décor) are aligned with the overall theme of the event.

During the event. After weeks or months of meticulous planning, the big night has arrived. You have painstakingly gone over every detail more times than you count, and you have confirmed with everyone working the event – now it will all come down to the next few hours. Will the food be served on time, and properly prepared? Will guests who are leaving be able to find their coats and their cars? Your success or failure of your property event planning will largely depend on these things happening seamlessly and, therefore, your ability to communicate with all the players involved. The all-in-one solution’s messaging feature will allow you to converse with the entire team – be it your client, the kitchen and wait staff; or the band – to make sure they are working in concert and on schedule.

Of all the hats you wear as an estate manager, that of event planner may be the most challenging and stressful, as those events reflect directly on your client, as well as the charities and organizations they support. An all-in-solution such as the EstateSpace platform will help you stay calm and organized, from the moment you finalize the concept until the last guest walks out the door. And once you use one, chances are you’ll find it an invaluable tool for all of your other projects as well.