Increase Profitability For Your Property and Estate Management Business In One Place.

Streamline the workflows for your team, Clarify Financial Visibility and Reinforce Project Management with our all-in-one solution.

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Trusted By Hundreds of Property and Estate Management Businesses

Is This The Way You Want to Increase Profitability For Your Property Management Firm?


Excel falls short in handling maintenance, property, assets, lacks roles, permissions, and elevates error risks.

Manual workflows

Traditional client and asset management methods lack accountability, efficiency, and real-time insight.

Poor management tools

Inefficient static tools limit asset, client, and vendor management, reducing financial oversight and increasing costs.

estate management

Here Are The 3 Steps We Built To Help Hundreds of Companies Increase Profitability in 30 Days

Step One

Catalog Property and Asset Information

Efficiently catalog all property and asset information using EstateSpace, ensuring accurate tracking and management, laying the groundwork for operational success.

estate management
estate management
Step Two

Enhance Maintenance Processes

Utilize advanced task management to integrate property and asset maintenance tasks, elevating efficiency and reducing operational expenses.

Step Three

Optimize Financial Workflows

Implement EstateSpace’s financial and project management tools tailored for estate operations, enabling vendor collaboration to directly reduce operational costs.

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Streamline Property Tasks​

Advanced task management transforms property upkeep, effortlessly handling complex workflows to boost efficiency, control, and maintenance coordination, keeping properties in top condition.

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Clarify Financial Visibility

Boost financial visibility with detailed reporting, budget tracking, and expense analysis, ensuring comprehensive oversight and informed decisions for property management success.

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Reinforce Project Management

Strengthen project management with precise scheduling, resource allocation, and progress tracking, ensuring projects are completed efficiently and within budget for optimal outcomes.

Why Our Customers Love Using EstateSpace

EstateSpace streamlines organization for any household size, providing everything in one accessible place. Early stage experience offers promising support, motivating continual improvement and partnership.

Iga Pawlowska, Operations Executive at  Private Family

EstateSpace excels in estate management, offering unmatched support, streamlined features, and dedication to improvement. Highly recommended for professionals seeking efficient solutions. A perfect 5/5 rating!

Lauren Kerlin, Personal Assistant at HRS Estates

With EstateSpace, I enhance efficiency by saving 20% of time on asset management and streamlining property maintenance tasks, leading to increased productivity and smoother operations.

Nicole Bianco, Estate Manager at Private Family

I strongly suggest utilizing EstateSpace for project financial management and end-to-end operations, as it has greatly simplified our procedures and substantially improved our effectiveness and profitability.

Edward Reis CEO, Principal

Estatespace fills a critical void. It bridges gaps between estate management and admin services.

Versaxis Research Group

EstateSpace’s innovative and efficient solution for managing complex holdings is making a significant impact on the transformation of the wealth management industry regarding non-financial AUM.

Dan Director of Residence, Private Single-Family-Office $6Bn in AUM

Businesses, high net worth families and individuals will improve their asset position and risk management with Jonathan’s leadership, his team and EstateSpace

Ray Nugent, President

EstateSpace empowers Family Offices and gives them the ability to complete their financial portfolio, and aggregate the management of assets and properties with their secure platform.

Bill Sullivan, President at Family Office Exchange

When Will You Start Scaling Your Property and Estate Management Company?

Don’t Let Complexity Hinder Your Growth. Without EstateSpace, inefficiency and errors can escalate, threatening financial stability and client trust. Embrace a smarter approach with tangible ROI—reduce costs by 20%, save time, and scale effectively.