Choosing Estate Management Software.

The real estate industry’s growing acceptance of technology has led to the creation of several platforms that make virtual showings and closings possible, automate processes such as rent collection and budgets, and save countless hours and headaches. However, if you’re an estate manager working exclusively with one or two families, there are additional factors to consider when choosing estate management software, especially if your clients want to take a more active role without having to micromanage. Here are some ways in which boutique, all-in-one platforms like EstateSpace provide an experience that is collaborative, efficient, and even enjoyable.     

No doubt your clients are extremely busy people who rely heavily on you to handle the details of their day-to-day. That said, when it comes to certain things, they may want or need to be more involved. For example, while you schedule the maintenance of physical assets, they take a more hands-on approach when it comes to their prized classic car collection. Or, they may love it when guests stay at the home and want to personally make sure everything is perfect, right down to the food choices and linens.  Through EstateSpace, you can share schedules and spreadsheets to which they can add their own input and interface directly with trusted partners such as appraisers and vendors.    

EstateSpace also provides a multifaceted, visually appealing view of their estate. You can create virtual catalogs of each property, complete with photos and information about the home and outbuildings, furnishings, and grounds. Is construction being done on their Hamptons beach house? With a few taps of their phone, they can see the progress, weigh in, and make informed decisions at any time and from anywhere in the world. Does your client have a passion for clothes? With an all-in-one platform there is no more wondering about the location of a favorite item or whether they will have it for the next trip or gala. They can easily find every gown, bag, and pair of shoes spread out across several homes and make arrangements to have them shipped, stored, repaired, and so on.   

Finally, the most important aspect of choosing estate management software & your relationship with your client is clear, two-way communication so you can keep each other abreast of last-minute scheduling changes, issues on the property, or the sale or acquisition of physical assets. EstateSpace’s messaging feature allows you to dialogue in the same secure space where you keep the rest of the information so you don’t have to jump between text messages and other platforms.  

The estate management landscape is constantly evolving, in part due to a growing number of principals who value the expertise of their advisors and prefer to work in partnership with them. All-in-one solutions create the perfect environment by providing ease of access to data and the sharing of it, empowering both of you to fully step into your roles and run the estate more efficiently.