Managing the Day-to-Day with estate management software.

In past posts we’ve covered the many ways in which using a single platform such as EstateSpace is critical to managing your estate – both now and in preparation for the future. However, managing the day-to-day with estate management software like EstateSpace, can also help with your daily schedule so that you are running your life rather than the other way around. This is not just about creating a calendar or a to-do list, but gaining a comprehensive overview that integrates all your data on people, tasks, and assets.

Stepping into the driver’s seat: Our day-to-day can be overwhelming, and not just because of the big-ticket items like work projects and fitness regimens. In fact, it’s often the endless, cumulative minutiae that rob us of time and energy. The first step in getting this under control is to list everything on your plate, be it business or personal, for yourself or others for whom you’re responsible. You may find that this simple exercise can help you begin weeding out and eliminating things that are not necessary – at least not as often as you think.  Everything else can then be cataloged on the platform so it’s in one place and at your fingertips at all times.  You can even upload photos and assign them to assets and tasks for easier viewing.  

Don’t go it alone: As effective as EstateSpace is for the single user, it is even more so when you enlist people in your life – especially those who live in the home.  Household staff, for example, will have access to their work schedules, the tasks they have been assigned, and the timeframes in which to complete them. They can also update the status so that others are aware of any delays and can step in when needed.  It’s also beneficial for family members to have access, whether it’s to notify you when chores are done or that a ride is needed after an extracurricular activity. Just as valuable is including trusted partners, such as vendors and service providers, who make deliveries to the home, perform maintenance on vehicles, et cetera, so you can keep each other in the loop – again, by updating documents or communicating via the secure messaging feature.      

Life these days is incredibly hectic, and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon. While you won’t always be able to control your schedule, you can, through prioritizing and shifting your perspective, move through them with more ease and peace. Managing the day-to-day with estate management software like EstateSpace, it becomes less of a juggling act and more of flow, allowing you to carve out time to relax and enjoy the people and things you care about most.