Lifestyle management Made Simple.

Solutions to Manage and Elevate Your Lifestyle or Business!

asset management solutions

The world is constantly changing, forcing industries like financial services to rethink how things have been done and how they will be done in the future. We give principals and family offices control over their most complex holdings all form their mobile device.

EstateSpace bridges gaps between fragmented organizations by elevating responsiveness, efficiencies and performance of your assets on a single platform. We empower you and your family office with dynastic technology.


asset management solutions

High Net Worth

Empower your team to Safeguard your interests. Simplify lifestyle management and complex property maintenance to increase your quality of life. 

asset management solutions
asset management solution


Improve the management of properties, operations, teams, equipment, inventory, workflows and more.

Family Offices

We believe family offices should have access to modern technologies to manage all of their assets, providers and services. Our focus helps reduce risk and protect wealth succession. 

asset management solutions

Solutions to Manage and Elevate Your Lifestyle or Business!

EstateSpace appreciates your desire to securely connect with your trusted team so you can easily manage your interests. Unite operations with easily accessible information, streamlined processes and institutional memory to achieve consistent results. Wherever life takes you, Estatespace is there with the one solution and everyday power to connect the facets of your life.

asset management solutions


Complete your wealth portfolio by consolidating disparate data containing your physical assets and there values.

asset management solutions


Improve the management of overlooked family or business assets to produce favorable investment returns.

asset management solutions


Streamline your wealth management with a secure portfolio that is easily shareable with you asset managers.

asset management solutions


Dynastic wealth gives you the power to pass down your legacy to the next generation with accurate precision.

What is your accumulated wealth worth?

Wealth managers, insurers and legacy planners can now access a digital representation of your physical wealth.


  1. Know your wealth.
  2. Maintain your wealth.
  3. Pass on your wealth.