EstateSpace is providing clarity for principals & estate managers with complete visibility.

There are several financial and personal benefits to owning multiple properties, not the least of which is feeling like you are at home when travelling to your favorite spots.

Another great pleasure is being able create that feeling of home for visiting friends and relatives. Whether you are in town or not, you always make it a point to have your house stocked with their favorite foods, choose the bedrooms in which they will be most comfortable and make your household staff aware of any other particular needs they may have.  In the days leading up to their arrival, you often find yourself making several phone calls to your estate managers to ensure that every detail is accounted for. Given your busy schedule, and theirs, this can become inconvenient, particularly if the home is in a different time zone.

Things get even more complicated when renovations or new construction is being done on one or more properties. You find yourself trying to manage several moving parts from hundreds or thousands of miles away, with no real control over the speed or quality.

With EstateSpace, that is a thing of the past. It provides one-stop, round the clock access to the status of your properties and facilitates communication between you and your staff. And with EstateSpace’s unparalleled security, you never have to worry about sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.     


  • Provides transparency across properties: with EstateSpace, you can view all of your properties at once, rather than having to check in with individual estate managers or staff.
  • Empowers your estate manager to step fully into their role. A skilled estate manager wears many hats – overseeing staff and other workers; managing renovations or maintenance; and taking care of household expenses. The EstateSpace app gives them the autonomy to complete these tasks faster and more efficiently.  Whether it’s three p.m. or three a.m., you simply type your instructions into the app, which they and other selected staff members can access and execute. You can even text and send emails within the app, and attach spreadsheets for greater clarity.   
  • Gives you real-time visibility so that you can check on the status of any work being done on the property, from the rearranging of furniture to the addition of a new room, with less stress or the need to micromanage. Anyone with access can upload photos of specific areas in or outside the home so everyone is on the same page.      

The app is always evolving as the EstateSpace team finds new, more efficient ways of serving their clients. The latest feature is a calendar for scheduling work inside the home as well as landscaping and other work on the grounds. Authorized staff can send you updates such as when the work has been completed or there are issues requiring your attention.  

The EstateSpace Mobile App is available for download at the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.household staf

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