Estate managers coordinating events, reasons why all-in-one solutions are not merely a convenience, but a necessity.

In a recent post we discussed how estate managers can utilize digital tools, specifically all-in-one solutions, to manage the day-to-day workings of their property or properties with greater efficiency and less stress.  While the goal is always to keep things running like a well-oiled machine, there is the expectation that once in a while something will go awry – a new staff member doesn’t show up for work, a delivery doesn’t happen, and so on. Such issues are accepted as part of the territory and usually easily rectified. Not so, however for estate managers coordinating events for clients. Here, the stakes are exponentially higher because you have a very small window of time to pull off something spectacular. The success of a charity or political event, for example, often hinges on a myriad of details that can mean the difference between meeting a fundraising goal and falling far short of it. Moreover, it can impact your client’s credibility as a rainmaker moving forward.

Here are some of the important variables that are critical to the success of any event, and the reasons why all-in-one solutions are not merely a convenience, but a necessity.

Service Providers: These are the people without whom the event cannot happen, from the chefs and waitstaff to the band and the folks setting up tents on the lawn. All-in-one solutions allow you to keep track of everyone and their roles, stay abreast of their progress, and have a backup list at the ready in case someone doesn’t show. Just as important, you can use the messaging feature as a communications hub so everyone working the event is kept in the loop.

Auction Items: Auctions are a staple at any fundraiser; they create excitement, as well as some friendly competition and a feel-good buzz for guests who know the proceeds of their purchase are going to a good cause.  Whether the item is a pair of diamond earrings or a weekend adventure on a private island, it, or something that represents it, must be available for display. You can use an all-in-one solution to create a digital library of everything being auctioned, as well as information on its value and the person or corporate entity that’s donating it. You can also upload the schedule of the live auction and keep track of when a silent auction is ending, as well as who the winners are.

Goodie bags – Also known as “favors” or “swag,” these are sometimes as much of a draw as the charitable cause itself. It stands to reason, then, that having not enough bags for the number of guests would be a problem. When you use an all-in-on solution you have all the information about the event – including an updated RSVP list – at your fingertips, making it easier to ensure you have plenty of swag for your guests – even if some unexpected ones show up.    

Additional Services – These are the innumerable “small” things that go unnoticed when they run smoothly and are disastrous when they do not. (Imagine the guest who needs to leave, only to learn that their coat is buried somewhere or their car has been valeted half a mile away.)  Using the all-in-one solution’s messaging feature allows you to check-in with team members regularly and immediately deal with mishaps as they arise.   As you well know, planning an event will never be void of stress. However, having necessary information one tap a way, and the ability to share it quickly and transparently, can mitigate many of those challenges and help an estate managers coordinating events create an event that will not only be enjoyable but do some real good in the world.

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