Estate management software for remodel or renovation projects.

The past two years have brought an incredible boom to the housing market, with an estimated 15.9 million people filing change-of-address forms with the US Postal Service. Many were escaping large cities, while others moved closer to family members to lessen the sense of isolation. Countless others stayed put but renovated their homes to accommodate a new workspace or revisit projects they had shelved back when a large part of their day was spent commuting. For those in real estate and related fields, it was a time of unprecedented, nearly overnight growth, and they had to quickly find more efficient ways of doing things in order to keep up with it all. This explains why these industries, which had typically lagged in implementing technology, began relying more on digital tools, including estate management software for remodel or renovation projects, to manage everything from construction projects to digital walk-throughs, rental agreements, and so on.  As reasonable minds continue to debate the fate of the housing market, millions of property owners and renters are still trying to figure out their own uncertain futures. All-in-one solutions can also be invaluable to them, helping them manage their lives, streamline processes around running their living spaces, and reducing the mental fatigue that comes from jumping to different digital platforms.  

Let’s say you are finally building your dream home in the area where you’ve always wanted to live. The distance from your office held you back in the past, but the last two years have taught you that things won’t actually fall apart if you’re not physically present; in fact, you and your team get more done working virtually.  Or, perhaps you love where you live but decided to make minor improvements that have now evolved into a full-scale remodel. You may be effective at closing deals over Zoom, but not when workers are drilling and hammering right outside your window. Either way, you have to find a place for you and your family to lay your heads that is both suitable and as least disruptive to your routine as possible.  Estate management software for remodel or renovation projects can help you with the daunting task of managing the day-to-day at your temporary home while overseeing the project at your permanent one.  

Such tools allow you to visualize your residences as two distinct spheres, rather than one overwhelming to-do list.  The new or remodeled home can be treated as any large project, from the architectural plans to the finished product, with spreadsheets mapping out the workflow in between. You can also upload any relevant documents such as construction permits and bonding information on the workers so everything is at your fingertips, whether you are a few miles away or traveling overseas on business. At the same time, you can also keep track of the logistics at your rented home – from paying expenses and arranging for repairs to negotiating an extended lease if your move-in date gets pushed back once again.  Most importantly, you can use the tool’s messaging feature to communicate with the teams associated with both properties so that each conversation is contained in one transparent thread, rather than spread out across text messages and emails. In this way, you can keep a bird’s eye view over these aspects of your life while keeping track of the details that can slow down progress and cause unnecessary headaches.

The world is still evolving in new and exciting ways. For example, many will never go back to a daily commute and instead continue to use that time more productively and with far less stress. The same is true of the estate management software for remodel or renovation projects that made it possible to pivot and continue working during the pandemic. They are not going to recede in the new normal, but will continue to shape and up-level how we manage our professional and personal lives so we can work smarter, not harder, and have more precious time to spend on the things that truly matter to us.