Organize your home, clear the clutter & simplify your life.

In 1988, a study at the University of Scranton found that the vast majority (77%) of people kept their New Year’s resolutions for just two weeks and 19% met their goals within two years. While these statistics may have been disappointing at the time, they would be considered enviable today. As the world has gotten busier and more fast-paced those numbers plummeted, with an estimated four percent keeping their resolutions in 2018. Perhaps even worse, in 2019, the largest portion, 57%, said they hadn’t bothered to make a resolution at all. There are many reasons for this, and it’s not always as simple as a lack of willpower or motivation. For example, many have unrealistic resolutions and/or timeframes in which to complete them. Others may simply not have the tools or the structure in place to set them up for success. If you want to make your life simpler and organize your home but have been on the resolution merry-go-round one year too many, there’s good news on both fronts.

January is Get Organized Month and – it might surprise you – has been since 2005. Since then, however, countless digital tools have been developed to help you not only map out your plan, but put it into action. Even better, there are now all-in-one solutions that combine the capabilities of these various tools with stellar security so you can streamline processes and ensure your personal data is protected and never farther than your mobile.

One of the best ways to simplify your life is to organize your home environment, especially if it now doubles as your workspace. Indeed, running your house is in many ways like running a small business; for example, you have to manage the budget, including utilities, repairs, and possibly the salaries of household staff. All-in-one solutions give you the capability to create, upload and update spreadsheets and easily share them with others involved in the management of the property.

You also need to communicate regularly, not only with said staff but various contractors, vendors and so on, which can become complicated if you have to jump from text messages and voicemails to emails, and so on. This is the beauty of the messaging feature built into these tools: you and your team can share one transparent communication thread so everyone is kept in the loop and has the ability to clarify things and address issues in real-time.  

All-in-one solutions are also helpful if clearing clutter from your home is part of the plan. As you go through your closets and basement & organize your home, you can take and upload photos to the tool, creating a catalog of items along with their value and other information, then flip through it at your leisure to decide what you want to keep, sell or donate.  

Each January carries with it the hope for positive change in the upcoming year and determination to make it happen. If the change you desire involves streamlining the business of living, all-in-one solutions can be the catalyst. There is no fanfare or pressure of a New Year’s resolution, just a user-friendly platform that facilitates communication and gives you twenty-four-hour access to your information so you can create a happier, healthier and more balanced life.