3 Benefits Of Automating Estate Workflows.

If you’re like most estate managers, the drive to make your vision a reality is what gets you out of bed in the morning. You also know that you don’t do this alone, but in collaboration with others, each of whom brings a unique skillset, body of knowledge and motivation to the table. In fact, part of the reason for your success is that you have an eye for people’s strengths and a knack for drawing them out.  Of course, this presents its own set of challenges. For example, you might have a brilliant, extremely creative group of people who also have a hard time juggling multiple deadlines or coordinating their workflows. EstateSpace not only makes your process more efficient; also help you build a more cohesive, satisfied team with automating estate workflows.

  1. Accountability. Even for the most organized people it can be hard to manage complex projects without automating estate workflows – and exponentially more so when you’re dealing with different personalities and diverse work styles. Some may prefer to keep detailed spreadsheets of their to-do lists, while others paper their offices with scribbled post-its only they understand. All-in-one solutions allow for individuality while helping everyone get on the same page. You can create a detailed work schedule for any size projects, including interim steps and milestones, as well as upload relevant documents and photos to share with the team. Sure, they can continue to use those post-its notes, but they can also update the team via the platform. This is especially helpful if someone is out on vacation or sick leave. No one has to sift through another’s files to figure out what is going on – with one glance at their devices everyone is updated as to the status of each task, and how they can pick the slack for a colleague.  
  2. Transparency. As with any relationship, clear communication among colleagues is the key to success.  The messaging feature built into EstateSpace makes it easier to have rich discussions about the work in one secure space. No more frustrating searches through email and text threads; no more missed messages – just one conversation that keeps everyone is in the loop and feeling like a valued member of the team.   
  3. Balance. Over the past several years companies have become more cognizant of the need to support work/life balance for their employees; in fact, well before the pandemic many were growing increasingly flexible around remote work so their employees could spend less time commuting and more time on their personal lives. However, as we saw during quarantine, working from home can be just as confining and stressful as going to an office each day.  EstateSpace makes true “remote” work easier, because you are automating estate workflows, with access to everything you need at your fingertips, without being chained to your computer or experiencing app fatigue.     

Whether your business is just getting off the ground or has been around for generations, you will always be searching for ways to streamline your process and create a more supportive, fulfilling and collegial work environment. The good news is there is no need to reinvent the wheel.  EstateSpace makes it possible for your team members to bring their A-game, whether they are sitting around the conference table or halfway around the world. 

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