Do you have the newest thing in wardrobe closet essentials?

In a previous post we covered the importance of home inventory, or taking a thorough account of your physical assets to determine their value as part of your complete portfolio. The next step is figuring out what maintenance those items require so they retain their value and can be liquidated, donated or bequeathed to your heirs. What you may not have considered is that these assets include not only homes and cars, but the perhaps less obvious personal items, like your wardrobe closet.  

If you have a passion for haute couture, you already know that the clothes on your back – literally – are works of art that if properly cared for can appreciate over time. As with any collection, they must be catalogued, complete with detailed descriptions and photographs; you should also establish a clear “provenance,” with bills of sale, the stores or fashion shows where you purchased them, and any appraisals you’ve had done. There are companies, Garde Robe, for example, that can help you with this. They will catalogue and store these pieces in museum-standard storage units that are temperature controlled and protect against insect damage.

Even if you’re not a regular at the House of Dior, there are several benefits to engaging such a company – for example, if the wardrobe closets in your New York City apartment cannot hold all of your belongings or they are spread across multiple homes. Whether you need a gown for an upcoming gala or it’s just time for the quarterly “season switch,” you simply let them know and they will ship it to your home; if you’re traveling they will pack your luggage and ship it anywhere in the world. They also provide stellar tailoring and seamstress services, as well as personal shopping, historical fashion research, and consultations around organizations you can consign and donate clothing to.  

Like the all-in-one asset management app we’ve mentioned in the past, this gives you twenty-four/seven access to every item in your wardrobe closet. Within the app you can view your clothes and accessories, arrange for shipment, and even virtually create outfits! So you see, cataloguing your wardrobe is about much more than planning for the future – it’s about creating more space in your home and your life to fully enjoy the things you love.

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