EstateSpace your own personal assistant app.

In a recent post we covered the ways in which hiring a personal assistant can drastically improve the management of one’s time and therefore the quality of their life and relationships with those around them. For the assistant, however, the demands of the job can make it extremely difficult to carve out mental and physical space for themselves, without a personal assistant app.

Most people can say that their work experience largely depends on who they work for, but this is especially true of a personal assistant. You are privy to almost every aspect of your employer’s life and, for better or worse, you see the private person behind the face they present to the world. You also find that the term “job description” is a very loose one indeed.  One minute you might be bringing their clothes to the dry cleaner and the next you are arranging a two-week trek through Europe for several members of their family. Usually you are doing both at the same time, and juggling numerous other tasks as well.  You also have access to their bank and credit card numbers, along with other personal information you must guard with your life.  Most importantly, you also have to be able to keep up with their pace, whether they are in the next room or three time zones away (and calling you in the middle of the night to take care of something).  If you have this job, you already have incredible organizational skills, the flexibility to shift gears on a moment’s notice, and the ability to manage the expectations of various personalities, however, if you’re not using personal assistant app you are missing an opportunity to increase efficiency and reduce your stress level.  

Managing the Home(s): It is likely that you will have some level of involvement with the running of the home, even if your employer has an estate manager and full-time staff. Again, this depends on their lifestyle, how many residences they have, or simply to what extent they wish to be involved with the day-to-day, but as their personal assistant you will have more access to them and their schedule than most. A singular platform such as EstateSpace allows you to liaise with everyone on their team by uploading and sharing documents, from a list of regular tasks to the seating arrangements for an event being held on the property.  You can even create a virtual library, complete with photos of the items in the residence, making it easier to assess the status of a project and put out any fires before they become actual crises. 

Communicating with People: Personal assistants learned the ins and outs of working remotely long before it became “a thing” – including collaborating with people across the country and around the globe at off-hours when it’s not feasible to schedule phone calls or virtual meetings.  EstateSpace’s messaging feature serves as a secure communications hub, allowing everyone to exchange information (i.e. about scheduling changes, project timelines, etc.) in real-time, regardless of their location.         Bottom line: as a personal assistant, you have to be “on” most of the time, handling the thousands of details each day to ensure your employer’s life run smoothly. Using a singular platform can be like your assistant – always available, always providing the data necessary to get the job done while giving you room to breathe.