Improve communication with estate management software.

Of the many new terms that entered the common vernacular in 2020, “pivoting” was certainly one of the most popular. In that context (having the collective rug ripped out from under us), the word was basically a polite way of describing the frantic measures businesses in nearly every arena were taking to stay afloat. Two and half years into the pandemic, things are far from the normal we’re used to but they have settled into some sort of a rhythm. The meaning of pivoting has changed as well in that it no longer signifies desperation but an opportunity to upgrade and become an industry leader.  If you’re in the property management field and managed to get through covid by making minor changes, you might want to consider integrating more advanced digital tools, including an all-in-one platform, into your best practices, to improve communication with estate management software.

Improved communication – Surely it’s relief to be able to meet in person again after more than a year of Zoom fatigue, especially for historically tech-averse real estate players.  However, if you look back on those days you might realize that you learned a new way of communicating with clients, and that you don’t always need to be onsite to get the job done.  Now, you can share even more transparent conversations with those you partner with, such as architects and contractors. The messaging app native to EstateSpace, empowers you to improve communication with estate management software, for example, is a secure means of updating everyone on the progress of projects, as well as bumps in the road, with less chance of misunderstandings that occur through multiple text and email threads.

Managing Large Projects – Hopefully, by the time 2020 rolled around you were using some form of technology, such as Excel, to keep track of everything. Whether you did or not, no worries, because now you can use a single platform to create or upload documents that are at your fingertips 24/7.  Everyone with permission can view and update them as well, so the whole team is on the same page, all the time.

Internal Workflows – Gone are the days when the entire company needs to be at the same place at the same time. Some people want to continue working from home, while others want to be in the office or have a hybrid arrangement. Each business has had to find its own balance, and a singular platform makes this easier for the same reasons – enhanced communication and management – whether your team members are in the next office or the next state.  

Bottom line, the world has changed irrevocably, and what passed as competitive in 2019 will not always fly today. Upleveling your technology may no longer have that life-and-death urgency; however, it is a must in order to stay abreast of trends and remain relevant far into the future.