Elevating Estate Management with EstateSpace.

If you’re one of the many estate managers who were reluctant to use technology before the pandemic, it must surely have felt like the sky was falling in March of 2020. No doubt your best practices previously included having a physical presence on the property  – it was the way you built relationships with vendors, ensured staff were doing their jobs properly, and dealt with problems (hopefully) before the client even knew they existed. Suddenly that wasn’t possible, and you were scrambling to find (and learn how to use) digital tools as quickly as possible just to keep the doors open. However, with time and some trial and error, chances are you found your life was actually easier. Perhaps the time you once spent traveling was now allocated for other tasks, or it was easier to coordinate meetings virtually than in person. That said, not all technology is created equal, so if you’ve been using a hodgepodge of digital tools it may be time to switch to one platform, such as EstateSpace, to streamline your process and differentiate yourself from others in the field. Elevating Estate Management with EstateSpace.

Workflows – You have been diligent about choosing the right staff for your client, and they may very well have their schedules and assigned tasks down to a science. But what about when the schedule changes (for example, the family returns from vacation early) or new staff members join the household? Within the EstateSpace platform, you can create checklists of what needs to be done and when, so everyone is up to speed on the process and their role in it. In addition, staff can make updates too, so everyone knows when something has been completed or is delayed. Moreover, you can create a library of properties, which is critical to keeping things organized if you manage more than one estate, either for one client or several.    

Collaboration – We all know that important details get overlooked when the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing. Texts are great to say you’re running late to a meeting, but not so much when weighing in on complex issues that require you to refer to documents. Searching through email threads, especially those with attachments, can also be confusing and time-consuming.  Elevating Estate Management with EstateSpace. With EstateSpace, you can update spreadsheets and other documents within the platform so everyone with access can see the latest version, and act on the information, in real time. In addition, when something needs to be discussed in greater detail, the team can jump on the secure messaging feature, with less chance of miscommunication.

Perspective – One of the benefits of having data at your fingertips is that it allows you to see the complete picture and strategize accordingly. With a quick check of your phone or other devices you can immediately see if you’re going to be short-staffed during an event on the property and need to bring on additional help. Or, you can compare the budget with current bills to ensure the estate is making money, or at least not losing it.

Covid was the ultimate disruptor, and even more than most it caused a great deal of discomfort before we could see any silver linings. Now, even as we are becoming more comfortable with face-to-face interactions, people across many industries are finding that with technology they can provide the same stellar service (or better) and have the freedom to work from anywhere. There will always be many moving parts involved in estate management, but having one platform is another significant upgrade to your process that allows you to maximize your time and performance while minimizing the headaches.