estatespace Testimonials

As an estate leader, you need to have the value of the assets on the premises. With Estatespace, I am able to capture and know the value of all the assets within the property and how they are being maintained.

Nicole Bianco

Estate Manager

EstateSpace has been instrumental in helping us to efficiently deliver an amazing service experience for our customers.

Tim Wheeler

Having served private estates for years, Veraxis recognizes the colossal challenges Principals, estate managers, and their teams face in day-to-day operation of the world’s most valuable and technologically advanced residences. With its unprecedented SaaS platform, EstateSpace fills a critical void. It bridges gaps between estate management and administrative services, while maximizing security, responsiveness, efficiencies, cost savings, and performance of physical assets. Veraxis greatly anticipates supporting this mobile solution with due diligence services tailored to EstateSpace’s exclusive clientele.

Veraxis Research

Due Diligence

EstateSpace has been a great partner in working with Cantina to design and develop their new platform and mobile application. As a visionary in the FinTech space, we are extremely excited to see EstateSpace providing an innovative solution to help individuals and family offices best manage their physical assets and maximize the value of these assets for generations to come. In leveraging Cantina’s process for crafting innovation, EstateSpace and Cantina have established a highly collaborative and transparent working partnership that will continue to deliver great value for EstateSpace customers for years to come.

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