Benefits Of Technology For Estate Management.

In the not-too-distant past, the ability to work remotely was for many a dream that wouldn’t be realized for years, if ever. For them, the overnight transition to WFH was the silver lining during the pandemic. Others – for example, those overseeing construction and other large projects – were already well-versed in the benefits and challenges of working with team members they don’t necessarily see every day. They know that ensuring forward movement and accountability means not only streamlining the process but making it clear and accessible to everyone involved – from the architect and the client to subcontractors and vendors. Digital tools have long been part of the equation – now, however, many are turning to technology for estate management like EstateSpace to manage both major milestones and minute details and create synergy for the team.   

Workflows: When your team is spread across several locations, it’s even more critical to clearly define goals and map out the process to achieve them.  Just as important is to make sure all pertinent information is in one space so that everyone can take ownership of their roles and be accountable to each other.  Withtechnology for estate management like EstateSpace, you have the ability to upload schedules and share them with others, who can then make updates regarding the status of assigned tasks.  Moreover, you can use the platform to integrate the timelines for this and other projects, as well as your personal obligations, making it easier to keep all balls in the air.  

Secure Communication:  As mentioned above, it is imperative that all team members are on the same page throughout the project. To this end, EstateSpace’s messaging feature facilitates transparent conversations without having to jump between texts, emails, and phone calls.  At the same time, it’s not always appropriate to share everything with everyone on the team. For example, as the point person on the project you will be privy to the client’s financials and other sensitive information that is not necessary for vendors and subcontractors to do their jobs. With EstateSpace, all data and documents are permissioned off and can be accessed only by those who are invited, on a need-to-know basis.    

Flexibility and transparency have always been part and parcel of teamwork, especially when those involved may be in another city, state, or country. For the project manager, this means a constant juggling act of managing expectations and quality, negotiating prices, and making sure timelines are adhered to. A singular platform helps you overcome these challenges by making it easier to share information – and silo it – so you and your team members can collaborate more efficiently while protecting the interests of the client.