Managed Security Services. Simplified.

EstateSpace helps families and businesses manage their security by monitoring and responding 24/7 for peace of mind.

We provide managed security services for...

Private Families

Implement best in class security solutions to protect your team and your data. 

estate management

Boutique Hotels

Secure Wi-Fi as a Service supports your clients, guest and  drives revenue.

estate management

Luxury Builders

Secure network and long term high speed service in any location.

estate management

Trusted by

One platform, everything you need to be secure

Email Defense

Cloud and backup protection

Identity Defense

Password protection

Endpoint Defense

Advanced malware and anti-virus protection

Server Defense

Server security and monitoring

Mobile defense

Mobile device and advanced threat manager

Network Defense

Physical, virtual or hybrid protection

Data Defense

Backup and disaster recovery protection


Cross-network activity protection


Dark web threat and exploit monitoring

Start simplifying how you secure your world!