Improve your project delivery with workflow solutions.

Have you ever felt like you spend so much of your day dealing with minutiae that you have precious little time for the “real” work? You know that seeing the big picture for your company is important, but those long-term goals can only be accomplished if the employees are paid, deadlines are met, and regulations are complied with. EstateSpace’s workflow solutions help you create simple, repeatable processes that streamline critical, time-consuming tasks so you can increase efficiency and focus on doing what you love.    

Administrative tasks are a prime example of things that need to happen regularly, regardless of the size of the business or challenges that may crop up at any given time. Clients and employees alike tend to take these things for granted when things are running smoothly, but they definitely notice the minute something goes awry (think scheduling conflicts with family vacations or issues with healthcare benefits). EstateSpace helps ensure that that the activities going on behind the scenes support the work rather than distract from it. They allow your administrative team to approve payroll; paid time off; and invoices, as well as complete the onboarding process for new employees, at any time, from anywhere in the world. Additionally, you can give trusted third parties access so they can verify financial information in a completely secure space. Knowing these aspects of your business are taken care of frees up your mental bandwidth so you can focus on client relations and deliverables.  

All-in-one workflow solutions really shine, however, when it comes to managing projects. It has always been challenging to shepherd a team of people with different personalities, skillsets, and motivations, and it’s even more so now that so many people are working from different locations. These digital tools facilitate the prioritization of goals; the assigning and scheduling of tasks, and, if needed, their breakdown out into smaller increments and the creation of processes around their execution. Everyone on the team has 27/7 access to relevant documents and workflow timelines, as well as each project’s parameters and how it fits into the larger vision for the company. In addition, each member’s role within the organization is more clearly defined, which encourages them to take more accountability for, and ownership of, their work. Finally, it facilitates transparent, informed decision-making – for example, if a particular person or area is lagging behind schedule it can be addressed in a timely fashion. Seeing everything mapped out in one place allows you to more easily spot potential obstacles before they become problems, rather than having to put out fires later.  

The way we do business is constantly evolving, now faster than ever due to recent global events. Remote work is the best example of this forward movement. In recent years many companies were already trending toward remote and hybrid work arrangements – the pandemic merely expedited this, and left tens of thousands scrambling to make the transition during the quarantine. Digital tools not only made that possible, they helped better position those businesses for the future. Embracing them will not only do the same for your business, it will also reduce stress and improve the experience for you and those who work to make your dreams a reality.

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