EstateSpace Launches Exciting New Features!

GREAT FALLS, Va., May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — EstateSpace Launches Exciting New Features! EstateSpace, the platform to help you simplify estate management, is pleased to announce exciting new features within their platform. In addition to these new features, EstateSpace is pleased to offer simple pricing with a 30-day free trial to new members, so you can see for yourself how EstateSpace can help improve estate management.

EstateSpace helps their clients simplify how they manage operations, communicate, and securely share information. The platform is ideal for private families and businesses with agile teams seeking to increase efficiency. Here are a few of the new features…

Workflow Management allows you to build precise processes across your operation. This dynamic feature helps drive the newly revamped asset and property management features for the ultimate experience.

Member Management gives you complete control over all your information through roles and permissions, and invite-only access control. This enables you to bring your entire ecosystem onto one platform with individual rights and realize the true power of EstateSpace.

Contact Management is your lightweight CRM to connect those within your EstateSpace. Connect the right people across properties, projects or entities to streamline communications and productivity.

“Our inclusive approach for everyone with our client’s ecosystem, coupled with an elegant design is what sets EstateSpace apart from anything out there,” says Founder and CEO Jonathan B. Fishbeck. “The interface was designed to serve our client’s interests, which entails providing a simple, intuitive experience out of the box for anyone to get started.”

With families, family offices, and network of service providers on the platform, and a commitment to transparency and equality in estate management – EstateSpace is breaking the mold on how estates operate. EstateSpace’s software is designed with watertight, first-class security, so members can store their personal and sensitive information with peace of mind. EstateSpace maintains SOC II certification and provides security compliance for all their clients as part of their subscription.

Before devoting his work fulltime to EstateSpace, Jonathan Fishbeck served as the Founder and CEO at a design-build firm whose focus was advising, developing and operationalizing sizable estate properties for Ultra-High Net Worth families and family offices. It’s this experience and expertise, combined with a background in technology that was the genesis for EstateSpace.

EstateSpace Launches Exciting New Features! The 30-day free trial to new members is available now at signup, with no promotional code required. The free trial offer is available for a limited time.

Simply go here to sign up and get started today!

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EstateSpace is a platform to help estate managers, project managers and family offices simplify estate management. With families, family offices, and network of service providers on the platform, and a commitment to transparency and equality in estate management – they are breaking the mold how estates operate


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