Obstacles to a Balanced Lifestyle & Ways to Overcome Them

Everyone, no matter how organized they are, has to work at maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For those who have attained a certain measure of success, this includes managing the needs of hundreds or even thousands of people in their personal and professional spheres. It feels good to be the go-to person in your business and/or family, but as fashion designer Joseph Abboud said, “You cannot be all things to all people.”  Attempting to take care of everything won’t help others – what it will do is leave you feeling depleted and probably resentful as well.  Here are some common impediments to achieving a balanced lifestyle and tips to overcome them.

Tips to a Balanced Lifestyle:

  1. You spread yourself too thin. Do your employees come to you at all hours for decisions they should be able to make themselves? Do your relatives constantly seek you out for assistance and advice? Continually giving without replenishing your own cup comes at a high cost, usually your health and relationships. Start setting healthy boundaries by letting others know when you are off the clock and they will have to fend for themselves. Just be aware that these boundaries start with you, meaning you may need to delegate more tasks and, most importantly, let go of some control.
  2. You feel like a fake. Some of the most successful people out there, including HNWI, thought leaders, and even world leaders, have suffered from feelings of inadequacy, anxiety about failing, and fear of being exposed as a “fraud.” It’s called  Imposter Syndrome, and it can negatively affect not only your performance but your enjoyment of life.  There is no official “treatment,” but experts suggest talking out your feelings with someone you trust, focusing on your wins, and accepting that there is no such thing as perfection.  
  3. Scattered Energy – Do your days feel like a roller coaster ride that begins the moment you open your eyes? If so, consider grounding yourself with a simple morning ritual.  Some common examples are exercise and meditation, but if you don’t feel particularly energetic or Zen in the morning, no worries.  Choose something that resonates with you, such as enjoying a quiet cup of coffee, a bowl of your favorite cereal or standing in the sunlight for a few minutes.  You’ll notice that you wake up feeling more relaxed, happy and ready to start your day with intention. The hardest part? Don’t look at your phone until after you’re done!
  4. Resistance to change.  If you find it difficult to adjust your lifestyle, it probably goes deeper than an aversion to organic food or time management skills. Check in with yourself to find out why change is so uncomfortable; for example, do your habits, even the unhealthy ones, give you a feeling of security? Change always requires us to let something go. The trick is to focus on what we are getting in the bargain, such as an increased feeling of physical and mental wellbeing. Find the tools that work for you – be it paper and pencil, Excel sheet, or a digital all-in-one solution, to help you map out your goals and the tasks it will take to get you there. Just be sure to celebrate the milestones towards a balanced lifestyle along the way.  
  5. It’s lonely at the top. There are many side effects of success, one of which is that many people will assume that you don’t have “real” problems. Everyone needs support from time to time, even if it’s just a sounding board or a sympathetic ear. If the things that used to bring you joy now feel like a burden, consider engaging a lifestyle coach who specializes in working with high achievers. They will help you take stock of where you are, identify areas in which you may want to pivot, and access the tools needed to implement change.

If these steps seem a bit too simple to manage your overcomplicated life, look again. They actually require discipline, acceptance, and a fair amount of soul-searching as well. More importantly, they will remind you that no matter how out of control things have become, you can break them down into manageable goals to be tackled in an intentional and joyful way – just as you created your dream life in the first place.