EstateSpace provides a solution for high net worth individuals and family members looking to improve the way they live and engage with each other. Simplify lifestyle management and complex property maintenance to increase your quality of life.

Empower Your Team to Safeguard your interests

EstateSpace creates a safe, cohesive ecosystem where you can capture institutional memory to build your legacy, inventory your real-property assets, interface with family members or staff and share reports with your trusted advisors. Streamline lifestyle management, everything from daily activities to real estate acquisitions and construction projects.


lifestyle management

Real time insights

EstateSpace enables you to gain new insights to your operation and govern your legacy to increase dynastic wealth and reduce risk. Stop looking at half the picture in a static state. Start managing succession in real-time right from your mobile device with a solution to meet modern day expectations.

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Product Feature Overview

The needs of principals and family offices continue to grow, making the problem they’re trying to solve for harder. EstateSpace is the first step in addressing fragmented teams lacking clarity, with a dynamic platform centered around communication and information sharing at various levels of sensitivity.

lifestyle management

Reporting & Analytics

We believe you deserve control of your data with the ability to securely share. A complete portfolio better informs your team of professional advisors at the right levels to make more accurate analysis and wholistic recommendations. Our clients’ data powers analytics to help drive continuous improvement.


lifestyle management

quick-start advantage

Our Quick-Start Advantage provides services that solve the question “where do I begin?” We work with you to accelerate documentation and data collection and optimize EstateSpace in a way that provides a predictable, consistent principal experience. Tapestry Associates  makes certain the integration of EstateSpace into your ecosystem is easy. So, let’s get going!