Family offices are outgrowing traditional models and expanding into lifestyle fulfillment and property management. EstateSpace emphasizes family office services and our exclusive in-app services connect you with best-in-class providers for many of today’s challenges.

Elite family office services.

Finding good people is top priority for family offices. The biggest challenges are getting good advice and finding high-quality people to bring into your circle of trust. We partner with our clients to make sure we continue to provide family office services that deliver a peerless experience.

Single-Family & Multi-family office services

family office services

Streamline Risk Management

  • Establish the provenance of art & other collectibles
  • Get insurance and appraisals for all your real-property assets
  • Upload photos, videos and documentation
family office services

dynamic property management

  • Manage daily tasks & special events from anywhere in the world
  • Make informed decisions about the acquisition & divestiture of physical assets
  • Engage the services of our affiliate partners within the platform
family office services

Simplify Communication

  • Interface with trusted advisors, staff and family members on personal matters
  • Engage with staff and vendors around the care and maintenance physical assets
  • Securely collaborate with stakeholders on investment & wealth management strategy
family office services

quick-start advantage

Our Quick-Start Advantage provides services that solve the question “where do I begin?” We work with you to accelerate documentation and data collection and optimize EstateSpace in a way that provides a predictable, consistent principal experience. Tapestry Associates  makes certain the integration of EstateSpace into your ecosystem is easy. So, let’s get going!